Transport and distribute soil, mulch, leaves, debris,
stone and aggregate to save you time and money.

Work Smarter, Not Harder.

The Mulch Mule gets what you need where you need it with speed and efficiency. Moving and distributing materials is a labor-intensive task. The Mulch Mule is designed from the ground up considering the materials typically used in maintenance and construction, and then engineered into a single piece of equipment to efficiently automate the back-breaking tasks. With the man hours you save, you can re-purpose that manpower where you need it. If you have a smaller crew, the efficiency will allow you to take on projects that would have typically been out of your reach and realize new profits.

This is an investment that can pay for itself, take a load off of your employees, and increase profits.

Reduce Your Labor Costs by 30%. Improve Efficiency. Increase Profitability.